Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals is comprised of 5 members and 3 alternate members. The Board meets the third Thursday of every month to hear and decide petitions arising from the application of the Williamstown’s Zoning Bylaws. These petitions fall into four categories:

  • Variances seek relief from the requirements of the Bylaws due to particular circumstances that are unique to a property.
  • Special Permits seek permission for uses or changes allowed under the Bylaws under certain conditions.  These permits allow the Board to permit important projects while protecting neighborhoods from adverse impacts.
  • Administrative Appeals seek relief from a decision made by the Zoning Enforcement Officer.
  • Comprehensive Permits seek permission to circumvent certain local zoning laws to construct affordable housing under the authority of Massachusetts General Law Ch. 40B. 


The Zoning Board of Appeals is appointed by the Board of Selectmen.
  • Andrew Hoar, Chair
  • Keith Davis 
  • David Levine
  • Ryan Neathawk
  • Leigh Short 


  • Lindsay Ericcheto (2019)
  • Jack Nogueira (2017)
  • Lawrence Wright (2018)
Projects Under Review 
Applications for projects up for consideration in the current month can be found at the following link; ZBA Applications. Questions, comments, or concerns about projects can be addressed by the Community Development Office at 413-458-9344.