Williamstown, MA | Scarborough Salomon Flynt Award
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Scarborough Salomon Flynt Award

The Scarborough Salomon Flynt Community Service Award Committee is accepting nominations for its third annual award. The Scarborough Salomon Flynt Award is a result of the merger of the Faith R. Scarborough Award and the Williamstown Community Chest Volunteer of the Year Award. The award honors Faith Scarborough and her dedication and efforts to the town as an active volunteer in the Visiting Nurses Association, St. John’s Church, Williamstown Community Chest, League of Women Voters and as the first woman to chair the Board of Selectmen; Edith and Adolph Salomon, who came to Williamstown in 1939 after having fled Nazi Germany and the gratitude they exhibited to the community that provided them refuge and a home for more than 50 years; and Hank and Mary Flynt, whose numerous contributions to the town, both as volunteers and their generous bequests, have all made Williamstown the special place that it is. The Scarborough Salomon Flynt Award recognizes a person’s, persons’ or civic group’s demonstrated dedication, excellence and integrity to community service in order to make Williamstown a better place. Nominators should provide a narrative of accomplishments in support of their nominee. With many wonderful people nominated in a given year, much of the Committee’s decision making is based on the substance of the reasons given for the nomination and provides the content of the award recipient’s certificate. The committee will select a citizen who has demonstrated integrity, excellence, and dedication to community service. The award will be presented at town meeting, which is scheduled for Tuesday, May 21, 2019, at 7 p.m., at Williamstown Elementary School. The deadline for nominations is April 19, 2019. Nominations should be submitted via the nomination form on the Williamstown Community Chest’s website at https://goo.gl/a0ZQTi. Nomination forms will also be available on the table in the Town Hall lobby and can be emailed to the town moderator at afilson@williamstownma.gov, or submitted in a sealed envelope to the Town Manager’s office.