2020 Annual Street Listing - Williamstown, MA
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2020 Annual Street Listing


The Williamstown 2020 Annual Street Listing will be mailed to all Williamstown residents this week.  The census is requirement of the Massachusetts General Law and it is important that all residents return them to the Town Clerk’s office promptly.  Failure to respond to the census will result in removal from the active voting list and may result in removal from the voter registration rolls.

Included in the mailing is a Broadband Survey, as Williamstown is considering the installation of a municipally-owned fiber optic network.  The survey can either be returned with your Street List or can be completed online at williamstownma.gov/broadband.

Residents should not use the census form for the purpose of voter registration.  Any resident who is not registered to vote may register by going to the Town Clerk’s office or by mailing a voter registration form to the Town Clerk’s office. 

Parents of college students or member of the military who are registered voters in Williamstown should be aware that by deleting those children from their census form will remove them from the active voters list.  Also, households that have dependent children in them, but that are not listed on your census form should add their children to the form and complete the information that pertains to each child.  Information regarding the children is not a public record and is used only by the schools for enrollment purposes

All forms should either be mailed back in the enclosed return envelope or dropped off in the Town Clerk’s office. Anyone who does not receive their census form in the mail within the next two weeks or who has questions pertaining to the form should call Town Clerk Mary C. Kennedy at the Town Hall at 458-9341.