3/20 Update from Council on Aging - Williamstown, MA
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3/20 Update from Council on Aging

Updates for Friday March 20th

The Williamstown Council on Aging now has the capacity, limited at the moment, to shop for and deliver groceries to homebound or health compromised  elders. We have individuals who have indicated their willingness to volunteer to help with this and we will utilize staff resources as well including the van to deliver.

The process will be very simple. Individuals who need our help can contact us at 413.458.8250 and we’ll talk. It would be most convenient if we could  pick up a written list directly from participants to avoid misunderstanding. We will want to know what sorts of food you need and the quantities, i.e two loaves of bread, one dozen eggs, etc. We’ll take your list and shop. As a matter of logical convenience we’ll be utilizing our local North Adams Stop and Shop. 

We’re happy to purchase items we can, however,  given the current state of affairs with COVID-19, some items may be out of stock. You’ll have to decide whether a substitute item is acceptable whether it be a different brand or size of item. Initially we won’t be thinking about utilizing coupons, it adds unnecessary time to the process. We’d also appreciate it if you have your own shopping bags, pandemic or not, we don’t want to flood the world with more plastic. 

We’ll be asking you questions about  exposure to the Coronavirus. Be honest.  We won’t expose our staff or volunteers to this infection however, we might be able to leave food outside the door  to retrieve after we have cleared the location.

We won’t be able to retrieve medications for you either. Sorry.

You can give us a signed check and your Stop and Shop card to pay for your order, we’ll fill in the amount and you’ll have a receipt to verify what we bought. You’ll get the purchase points! This will be a weekly effort while the pandemic lasts so don’t feel that you have to buy for an entire army…

Of course, if you want to go yourself, our van will bring you as usual. This all sounds contradictory but some disabled individuals who can’t carry groceries like going to the store to pick out items.

Speaking of the van, we’ll be going to the senior only shopping hours (6AM-7:30 AM) at Stop and Shop on Tuesday and Thursday mornings -they’re opening at 6 AM to accommodate elders shopping and we’ll bring people without transport over. Call us by 2:00 in the afternoon Monday and Wednesday if you’re planning on going along with us.

Questions? Call 413.458.8250 or email; bogrady@williamstownma.gov

Now for those folks who prefer Big Y, they have the Instacart Delivery Service we spoke about the other day. Participants order groceries online and have them delivered directly to the home. Enroll in the program and choose items from the sale flyer, place orders at www.instacart.com/big-y  The phone number there is 413.663.6549. And don’t forget the curbside  pickup option at Wild oats Community Markets. order@wildoats.coop is the address there.  Both of these programs have service fees. The phone number at Wild Oats is 413.458.8060.

While we’re on the topic of delivery, remember that two local pharmacies-the Berkshire Community Pharmacy in North Adams, 413.664.5333 and Williamstown Walgreen, 413. 458.2138, deliver medications to the homes of their customers- Berkshire Community delivers directly and Walgreens via FedEx.

Finally, for those of you who regularly contribute to our food collection for the St. Patrick/Raphael Food Pantry, unfortunately at this moment we’re not open to receive your donation but please leave them at the vestibule in the Parish Hall next to the church on Southworth Street.

That’s it for this week, we’ll be back on Monday. In the meanwhile, have a great weekend everyone!