Council on Aging update - Williamstown, MA
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Council on Aging update

Shopping update, March 26th;

The Massachusetts Commissioner of Public Health has issued new shopping guidelines which will include marked social distancing lines. I know that Cumberland Farms have marked intervals with an X on the floor, I assume that others will follow suit.

They are also indicating that  “customers at grocery stores and pharmacies shall not use reusable checkout bags until further notice”. They’re saying that the ban on single use plastic bags is lifted for now and stores will use paper, compostable plastic or single use bags.

Grocers and pharmacies will not be allowed to charge for paper, compostable plastic or single use bags.

If you go shopping, leave your bags at home, you can’t use them for now. And if we are shopping for you, we’re not taking them along for use.

Grocery stores and pharmacies now must provide at least one hour daily for “adults 60 years and older” to limit exposure to the COVID virus..

They should also be providing access to hand washing facilities, alcohol based sanitizers if available and disinfecting wipes as available at the point of entrance.

No salad bars, self serve open food stations or open free samples or tastings either.

A reminder; Social Distancing applies to van rides to shop as well.The number of individuals who can ride at once is restricted to 3 at the most per trip. We’ll provide information to individuals requesting the service about their trip when we’re called.

Finally, after some initial shopping, we’ve discovered that in addition to a check and  store card, a phone number would be helpful as a call back with questions during the actual shopping expedition about orders  might be needed. Not everyone has a number on their check.