Council on Aging Daily Update - Williamstown, MA
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Council on Aging Daily Update

Wednesday April 1st, 2020

Hi everyone,

Today is National Walking Day! Get out there! Just stay away from other people!

Today is also National Census day. If you haven’t taken a moment to fill out the census, please do it now. It’s so critical for Williamstown and Berkshire County to have an accurate count of who lives here now. The census numbers determine future access to services and funding across many paths of life-health, education, business, government, infrastructure. We’re all going to have a lot of work ahead of us when the pandemic finally passes and an accurate population count will give us one more tool in the recovery process. Here’s the address to complete it:

Take the Census | US Census Bureau

Today we’ll share some at home exercises and yoga movements created by our friends Mary and Jane to help you stay in touch and limber at home! If you’re new to these programs, enjoy! If you’re already a member of the class, consider this to be homework. There may be a quiz someday..

Enjoy! We’ll talk again soon!

Yoga Sequence Using Hand/Arm Weights

Opening Sequence on a Chair

Keep moving with Jane Jezouit’s Harper Center Exercise Class– a whole body workout!  

(Jane’s class is also on TV channel 1303 every Mon, Wed, Fri, & Sat at 11:15 am) or

Take the class anytime on