Council on Aging Daily Update - Williamstown, MA
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Council on Aging Daily Update

Updates, Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

I went for a walk on the Spruces grounds for a change of scenery. It was sunny, still warm in the early evening and there were other people there as well, walking dogs and baby carriages, children chasing each other around. A park. Oh yes, I know what was there and what ultimately happened on that site.  I remember. Today it’s a different kind of peaceful spot, it’s flat, the former streets are still laid out in their original grid and while not paved, are kept open and are quite walkable. It’s a big space, no worry about needing to come close to anyone else. As they say, you can see them coming! There are picnic tables, cans for depositing trash and dog waste, soon there will be birds and bees and flowers. If you haven’t been there, or climbing hills isn’t your thing, take a walk on the level at the Spruces.

I see more people wearing masks while out in a close public space-think grocery stores. Good for those people. We realize that not everyone has a mask to wear, there’s a real shortage. Attached is a video from the Center for Disease Control showing how to make one yourself if you’re so inclined. Or, actually, have that talent, which I do not. These may well be very helpful if you’re going out, as long as you still practice social distancing. These should be washed after use as well because you just never know!

Oh, and before you ask, yes, we are working on the mask supply issue. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know what’s up. We’re not likely to be able to find a supply of genuine made for emergency responders medical masks for obvious reasons but decent locally made options are a possibility.

CDC web site has instructions

The Williamstown Food Pantry at St. Patrick/St. Raphael is open for business again this week, tomorrow, Wednesday April 8th, 9:30-noon.Same access plan, use Mission Park Drive to circle around behind the church, stay in your car, someone will help you. Walkers, go to the head of the line and they’ll try to get to you first. Nobody gets into the building and they’re all set for volunteers.

Next week, April15th, they’re only handling emergency food requests and new people. New means that you’ve never been there before. Also-if you’re thinking about donating a food item, they’re really short of rice and would appreciate this gift if you are able.

Added to the other food resources we’ve been listing, Whitney’s Farm and Market in Cheshire has opened for the season. They are designated as an essential business and are doing curbside pick up, you can ask them about that by calling 413.442.4749. I know that some folks have enjoyed going there and if you should happen to be out for a ride, it might be a stop, right?

We’ve received news that the Williamstown Theatre Festival has had to put a hold on the 2020 summer season and, at this moment at least, will not be moving forward as planned. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it impossible to proceed. It’s just not safe for them to work or  for audiences to come out and enjoy. It is a hard but very responsible action on their part, dontcha think? 

Obviously this will impact those of you who have been involved with Community Works. If anything changes, they’ll make an announcement. 

Now, an  unusual bit of information. We all know that there are people dying as a result of this pandemic and the restrictions on gathering together will certainly put a hold on all sorts of services and memorials for lost friends and family everywhere. There is an organization out there called the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Western Massachusetts, some of you were here a couple years ago when Sandy Ward, the local contact person,came to Harper to talk about funeral costs and necessities. They have become a great resource for information regarding funerals and burials, cost, what to look for, etc. Recently they have posted a series of short informational videos on the topic of delayed funerals and funerals for COVID-19 victims. The address is

Talk again soon.