Council on Aging Daily Update - Williamstown, MA
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Council on Aging Daily Update

Update, Thursday April 9th, 2020

Holidays can be stressful on their own, without added distractions. These spring days are usually times when we gather together to celebrate this season with our families and friends. This year it will likely be rather different.  Some of the people we know reside in nursing homes and this can be a really scary time for their families and significant others on the “outside” these days. Living in close proximity to each other, nursing home residents have been susceptible to this virus and with visitation in nursing facilities suspended, it can be worrisome for friends and family outside these facilities.Information could possibly be difficult to easily acquire as the dedicated staff members in these institutions attend to critical business inside. There is a new option which will allow families to connect with nursing homes and find some comfort. The Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services , also known as EOHHS, you’ve likely seen mention of them a lot lately, has launched a Nursing Home Family Resource Line – a dedicated phone line to connect family members of nursing home residents with the information and resources they need and want.

This new phone service will provide one contact number for families and community members with questions about the care their person is receiving wherever they are during this particular outbreak.The Nursing Home Family Resource Line is monitored daily from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM daily  and staff members covering the line will field questions from callers on related topics and will find answers for any question posed.The Nursing Home Family Resource Line will be another great option for information during this pandemic. The number to call is: 617-660-5399 and again, remember they’re available every day. 

If you know someone who is concerned about someone living in a nursing home, share this number with them.

Now another piece of good news. While the Williamstown Theatre Festival  has recently suspended live operations, Community Works is going forward with the scheduled Facebook and phone workshops early next week! The first workshop will be on Facebook Live, Tuesday April 14th at 5:00.They’ll be posting instructions on how to access the program on their Facebook site soon.The workshop will be examining how actors approach their scripts, all welcome, RSVP not required, join them as they innovate remotely! They’ll be doing a telephone audio only version of the same workshop the following day, April 15th at 5:00 as well. To join this workshop, simply call 253,215.8782 and when prompted, enter the meeting ID code; 322.974.939. Trust us, this is easy. You’re also welcome to email Hayley at; with any questions you may have.

Have a great evening. Stay safe!

Brian O’Grady