Council of Aging Daily Update - Williamstown, MA
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Council of Aging Daily Update

Updates, Wednesday June 17th, 2020

Wednesday isn’t the same for me since this COVID pandemic caused the cancellation of my regular Wednesday softball match. I used to look forward to getting out there and dropping a couple balls. Now Wednesday is just another day ending in Y like all the rest of them. Moving on…

Beginning June 17th, well, today actually, Proprietors Field residents who were receiving meals delivered from the MGRHS this spring will have those meals delivered from the Harper Center. We’re not preparing food, we’re just delivering pre-packaged food from our friends at the Regional School District. You are welcome to pop over and get yours yourselves however. We’re distributing from the Proprietors Field entrance to the Center.

The Alzheimer’s Association is  announcing  a Facebook Live event this Friday, June 19th,  at noon (12-12:30) for families with questions about how to handle visits with their loved ones in nursing homes during the  COVID-19 pandemic. They’ll address the challenges and other issues and feelings families may feel as visits resume. Here’s a link;

We talked about this briefly during the food updates the other day but I’m going to mention it one more time. The Berkshire Food Project really needs  volunteers. After switching to the distribution of takeout meals on a M-W-F schedule, there has been a significant uptick in use.They’re distributing almost 500 meals on each of these three days. Lots of food folks, half of the meals are prepared onsite, the rest are purchased from local restaurants as part of the COVID -19 Emergency Fund. They’ve accomplished this with 3 staff members and some dedicated volunteers. As the world reopens, they’re losing volunteers but the demand driven by higher unemployment numbers remains high. Some of their regular volunteers have pre-existing conditions and aren’t able to help under the current situation so…they need help. If you, or anyone you know is looking for a volunteer slot, even a temporary on, let Kim know. Here’s the number; 413.664.7378

Finally, there are all sorts of people reporting bear sightings all over these days. I haven’t had one in my yard -yet-but I live at the edge of the woods and they’re neighbors. So be careful and bring your bird feeders in for the summer. And-speaking of bringing in,  I’m also hearing foxes nearby at night. They got one of my neighbors chickens recently and I have heard that they like cats too.  Might want to bring yours in as well.

Enjoy the afternoon!

Brian O’Grady