Council on Aging Daily Update - Williamstown, MA
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Council on Aging Daily Update

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

Thank you mask makers and shoppers!

The Lancet, an English medical journal was quoted recently by CNN  (in my iphone Apple news feed) as indicating that if people practice social distancing  without a facemask your chances of contracting Coronavirus is about 17.4% however…the study further indicates that transmission chances are reduced to 3.1% when a face mask is worn. The CDC now says that it’s pretty convinced that 40% of transmissions occur before people feel sick. 

So…are masks important? You betcha!

When this COVID-19  crisis started we had exactly 12 masks here in Harper. We purchased them a few years-yes, years-ago for use during random clinics along the way but never used them. Most of our friends and neighbors were in the same category. Who knew? While we set about looking to find masks, a serious number of community residents contacted us and asked if we could use their help in creating cloth face covers for the community. We were quite happy to accept their assistance. The people listed here represent the individuals who have taken the time and in some cases, used their own resources and in all cases, their personal skills to create face coverings which may have actually saved lives. When you see them, thank them for their efforts. 

Madeline Burdick

Alison Case

Bonnie Clark

Melissa Cragg

Jennifer Howlett

Mary Johnson

Mary King

Jeanne Marklin

Fern Murtaugh

Mercedes Nawrocki

Polly Macpherson

Nancy Sacco

Margo Sanger

Mary Strout

Anne Singleton

Sharron William

Then there are  the members of the Williams Mask Initiative who organized sewers within the Williams community to create face coverings, helped arrange collection, distribution and delivery of masks to where they were needed across the whole of Northern Berkshire;

Rachel Cross

Chole Henderson 

Julia Pham


Thank you shoppers!

When this all started back in early March the majority of people who lived here in Williamstown managed shopping on their own. I mean, really, don’t you just want to go and look at everything yourself? Of course you do!

Then the Coronavirus came to Massachusetts and everything changed. While many elder Townies decided that they were not  staying home and continued to shop, some during designated hours, others whenever the need arose. Others opted for delivery or curbside. Have to eat right? 

Then there were other people who, generally due to limitations brought on by an organic something which weakened their immune system, couldn’t safely negotiate food shopping regardless of when. We asked for volunteers and into the mess isolation created stepped some very brave people who were willing to go “into the storm” as they say to shop for their homebound neighbors. So, when you see these people, thank them too!

Carolyn Brooks

Liz Costley

Trish Gorman

Kathleen Hakes

Valerie Hall

Carmel Kushi

Susan Mahler

Jim Mahon

Nicole Methot

Karyn O’Toole

Jennifer Swoap

We couldn’t do  it without you. Thank you very much!

Brain O’Grady