Council on Aging Daily Update - Williamstown, MA
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Council on Aging Daily Update

Updates, Friday July 31st, 2020

It’s the last day of July…are you kidding me?

Tomorrow is the day the travel restrictions program begins in Massachusetts. In short, if you’re coming to Massachusetts from states where there has been a rise in Coronavirus cases you must either have a negative Covid screening within 3 days or quarantine for 14 days. Safe states include our New England neighbors, New York, New Jersey and Hawaii. If you go out there beyond the Northeast, or have relatives from places not on these lists, make sure that the rules are followed. They’re quite serious about this, and we should be too. We’ve avoided the plague here in Berkshire for the most part and need to keep it up. We don’t want to have to go backwards right?

The Governor’s office has released new orders for public gatherings, both indoors and outdoors. Anybody surprised?

Under the updated gatherings order, indoor gatherings are limited to eight people per 1,000 square feet, but should not exceed 25 people in a single enclosed, indoor space. So this would be impacting upon all sorts of activities happening indoors at the moment.

Outdoor gatherings in enclosed spaces are limited to 25 percent of the facility’s maximum permitted occupancy, with a maximum of 100 people in a single enclosed outdoor space. This includes community events, civic events, sporting events, concerts etc. 

This order does not apply to outdoor, unenclosed gatherings if proper social distancing measures are possible. Note what it says about social distancing and think of the party pictures we’re seeing in the media. Anyone surprised that there is a spike here and there? We’ve established our own participant limits for these with our outdoor programs, I mean, you can’t have a relaxing Tai Chi or yoga class, out there in harmony with nature if the instructors are talking at you over a PA system because there are too many people can you?

Speaking of the great outdoors, Yoga started outside today. Perfect weather, shady spot out back. More classes to follow. Yes,advanced registration is required, 413.458.8250 or email to 

The Williamstown Affordable Housing Trust has raised the ceiling on grants offered by the  new Williamstown Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Grant amounts have increased  from $1,000 to $2,500 The criteria remain the same: applicants have to be at or below 100% of AMI (preference for 80% or below); adversely affected financially by COVID-19 and must be renting in Williamstown. Online applications are available from the Berkshire Housing website at or by calling 413.499.4887 to leave a message.They’ll definitely call you back.

Anyone remember that this is a census year? Yeah, we’ve talked about it. You’ll remember that the door knocking campaign will start soon for folks who haven’t completed a survey right? It will start in August…August begins tomorrow. Hello? Have you been counted? If not, they’ll be visiting. Want to avoid a visit? Here’s a link; Take the Census | US Census Bureau

Need help filling it out? Call us here at Harper, 413.458.8250. This is the last time we’ll be talking about this issue until 2030. I think…

Finally, for the week, I hear that there is a hot dog cart  on Spring Street…don’t know how long it will be there or when it comes back. Keep your eyes open!

Good weekend all.