Council on Aging Daily Update - Williamstown, MA
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Council on Aging Daily Update

Wednesday August 26th, 2020

Today is officially “Women’s Equality Day” commemorating the 1920 adoption of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution prohibiting states and the Feds from denying the right to vote based on an individuals sex. One hundred years ago… The Williamstown Historical Museum is in week five of their Women Suffrage series and this week they’re highlighting someone a local summer space has been named for. Find these stories  here; 

Speaking of voting, here’s a link to an interesting pro vote organization; If it’s helpful, use it or pass it on. It came in an email to me from the National COA. I love the clock feature!

Last week the US Drought Service released information regarding the situation in Massachusetts  and we-western Berkshire County-are listed as “Abnormally Dry”. Seems pretty droughty to me and my gardens and burnt lawn will tell you that they’re really dry. Really warm summer has dried everything out and we all know that there are water use guidances out there now right? Anyway, lately I’ve been smelling smoke while out and about, fire pits, cook outs, all sorts of burning that I wouldn’t ordinarily notice, however, given the dry out there, please be careful! And watchful. We don’t want to have a fire situation here in Williamstown…

You might remember that we once talked about the Williamstown Affordable Housing Trust raising the ceiling on grants offered by the Williamstown Emergency Rental Assistance Program.They still have available funding and given the additional funds they received at the annual Town soiree at Weston Field last week, they have even more cash to share.  Grant amounts have increased  from $1,000 to $2,500 The criteria remain the same: applicants have to be at or below 100% of AMI (preference for 80% or below); adversely affected financially by COVID-19 and must be renting in Williamstown. Online applications are available from the Berkshire Housing website at or by calling 413.499.4887 to leave a message.They’ll definitely call you back.

Today when I went out in the yard with my morning coffee I noticed a distinct chill in the air. Uh-oh…Anyway, we’re approaching heating season and for those of you who are recipients of various types of fuel assistance, renewals have started. If you’re involved with the “consumables” program-using propane, wood (wood-I didn’t know that was covered) or oil for heat your renewals have already gone out so if you haven’t gotten anything, call them, the North Adams office number is 413.663.3014. Gas and electric heat program participants will be getting their renewal notices “in September”…which is next week. (September is next week!!?) look for it. New applications will also be processed in September and they tell me that it will be a telephone interview essentially where an individual’s eligibility for fuel assistance will be assessed. Apparently it’s a 10-15 minute process. Use the same number listed above to apply or ask questions.

Tomorrow, Jane and I will be talking about restarting the Balance Class outside. Stay tuned for more details.

That’s it for today.