Council on Aging - Williamstown, MA
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Council on Aging

Updates, Friday August 29th, 2020

Yesterday we had a first ever event. For the first time in the history of the Williamstown Council on Aging we had a real rain out. The morning Tai Chi class was cancelled because of rain. Of course, the class is being held outside at the moment because of restrictions placed on us by the Coronavirus infections everywhere but Berkshire County.. The rain washed it away.And…unlike MLB, you won’t need a raincheck to enter the next class!

Massachusetts Sales Tax Holiday Weekend is upon us! Yes, despite the soft economy, Massachusetts will be observing the annual tradition of a tax free weekend, Saturday and Sunday August 29 & 30, 2020.   The sales tax holiday applies to individuals purchasing retail items for personal use only, sales are limited to items costing $2,500 or less.  Time to start thinking about your retail therapy trip to Williamstown

Here’s a calendar marker announcement; Residents of the Northern Berkshire Solid Waste Management District, and that’s all of you folks reading this in Williamstown,  will have the opportunity to dispose of all that bulky stuff hanging around and needing to be replaced with space for something new..

Thus, items such as furniture, mattresses, appliances including refrigerators, electronics, etc.are all fair game for disposal. The collection is sponsored by the Town of Lanesborough’s Board of Selectmen and is being organized through the Northern Berkshire Solid Waste Management District and it’s Director, Linda Cernik.. “Bulky Waste” is a term used to describe large household items that cannot be disposed of in regular household trash. No Hazardous Materials or construction debris accepted.You know what this is right?

Here’s a link to the District site-look under “special collections” for exact information on what can be disposed of at the collection and the cost per item to be disposed; 

Oh yeah. The event is being held on Saturday September 12th from 8:00AM to noon at the Lanesborough Highway Department yard at 10 Maple Court, which is on the right just before St Lukes Church.

Checks to NBSWMD or cash only. If paying with cash, please have small bills. .

For more information, call the NBSWMD at (413) 743-8208 and by the way, pre re- registration is NOT required.

Here’s another scam alert from one of our Williamstown neighbors…yup, they’re still out there. The latest is some idiot calling and claiming to be from Social Security telling folks who answer their phones that there is a warrant attached to their SS number and “unless you call this number by 5:00”  they will serve you with the warrant… So far, two people have  received this call and neither of them have bitten. Good for them. They know that Social Security never calls. You can smell a scammer a mile away.  Beware

And now the news you’ve waited for. The Balance Class will resume in person-outside- starting next Thursday, September 3rd, here at Harper. Jane has contacted all the participants by email, we think, and newly interested folks need to contact us here, 413.448.8250. We won’t have the final details in place until Monday’s updates so you’ll have to wait in suspense until then. Given the number of inquiries, we may have to split the class into half participating on Mondays, the rest on Thursdays as we go forward. We’ll know more Monday morning.

Have a great weekend!