Council on Aging Daily Update - Williamstown, MA
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Council on Aging Daily Update

Updates, Monday August 31st, 2020

August is over? Really?

It appears that things are starting to look up as the Governor has added to the states you can visit and accept visitors from without having to follow strict Coronavirus rules about travel and quarantine. Now, visitors and Massachusetts residents returning home from Colorado, Delaware, West Virginia and Pennsylvania are exempt from the Bay State’s travel order mandating a two-week quarantine period, according to the latest travel restrictions.

The updated order adds the four states to the list of those exempt from the order, according to the state website. If you look at the map attached to the link you’ll see Colorado out there all alone and surrounded by a sea of red, also note that it appears that Hawaii has been added to the restricted states.Rhode Island is still red…. The updated order and the new exemptions took effect Saturday.

Now here’s a bit of really interesting news for a Monday. I received an email from Linda Cernik at the NBSWMD this morning telling me that pizza boxes are recyclable! Apparently they have been for 2 years and…well…I didn’t know that! It would have been a lot less of a hassle if I had known that pizza boxes didn’t  have to be ripped apart and tossed before today! They take up too much room in the trash can right? 

Anyway, for a long time they told us that pizza boxes were too greasy to recycle and so into the rubbish bins they went. Now the recycling industry is saying that a little grease or pizza residue like cheese won’t affect anything. There was a study by some entity called West Rock to this effect and here’s a link to that study Grease on pizza boxes is not a problem! 

The recycling industry is now more than ever interested in recovering your pizza boxes because apparently there’s a shortage of cardboard. It’s part of the fallout from Covid-19. Think about it, there’s way more order and delivery arriving at our homes than there was last year because of the stay home associated with the pandemic. Here are some interesting links on the subject of pizza boxes and recycling them. Almost everybody likes a good pizza. Now that we don’t have to be ripping or crushing a box into the trash, all the better! Here are some interesting pizza box links Linda has shared with us.

Waste Advantage – Don’t Trash the Box: Domino’s and WestRock Partner to Encourage Customers to Recycle Their Pizza Boxes

Waste Advantage – AF&PA and Industry Partners Aim to Set the Record Straight – Pizza Boxes Are Recyclable, Grease and Cheese Not an Issue

Dominos – Recycle My Pizza Box

Food and Wine – Can Greasy Pizza Boxes Be Recycled or Not?

Fast Company – Your old pizza box isn’t actually too greasy to recycle 

The Recycling Partnership – Recycling Pizza Boxes (includes social media posts you can download)

Thanks for the fun, good Monday news Linda!

Alright then, on with the Monday food resource updates. I don’t think we’re going to run the same litany over and over again, the standing resources are the same as they were last week and you can find them in last Monday’s update report conveniently located on the Williamstown Municipal Website, in a teal box within the grey band right below the picture of Spring Street and the online services buttons. Any questions?

A couple of notes relative to this would be appropriate. The North Adams Mobile FoodBank Wesatern Mass  pantry is in the parking lot at the Brien Center this coming Friday at10:00. That’s on Ashland Street. 

The meals from the MGRHS have stopped, they’ve been over for a week and so far nobody has asked for a Meals on Wheels referral to Elder Services.Call us here at Harper if you need noon meal assistance with this. Or you can call them directly, 413.499.0524

Finally, we still have Farmer Market Coupons but I’ll be turning them back at the end of the week. Some of our usual recipients don’t want them this year because the Williamstown Market is electronic order only. That’s OK but remember, you can use them at the North Adams Farmers Market which is live outdoors Saturday morning on the grounds of the Armory on Ashland Street.

OK, the Balance Class.Monday and Thursday at 11:00 on the terrace here outside Harper weather permitting. There are 15 seven and a half foot square concrete slabs out there, perfect to keep everyone socially distanced. This means that we have room for a maximum of 15 total participants. If it’s too close, or people don’t stay in their square we’ll reduce the number of participants and think about adding another session. So you have to socially distance, and wear a mask..  It’s looking like there will be about 13 people per session. That will be a good number. 

Classes begin on Thursday September 3rd at 11 and will continue outside until the weather snaps. Then we’ll  see about inside configuration. This is all weather permitting of course. Questions call us here at 413.458.8250. If you want to join, email Jane at 

See you in September….