Council on Aging Daily Update - Williamstown, MA
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Council on Aging Daily Update

Updates, Wednesday September 2nd, 2020

September always gets the short end of the emotional “end of summer” thing that so many people have expressed across the years, you know, there’s a vague unease heralding September’s arrival. . September is, by and large, a summer month, most of its days fall in the season and there is generally a lot of really nice weather during the month, sometimes actually perfect, warm but not July heat. As an adult (most of the time) I think the September discomfort comes from hard wired  residual memories of summer crashing to a halt when the school bell rang long ago.I’ve outgrown that, the school bell no longer haunts me in any manner. September is a great month. I hope you enjoy it too!

So….the Balance Class has attracted a very large number of potential participants and subsequently not everyone will be able to attend every class. Jane and I will be conversing about this tomorrow before the class and there will be an announcement following. At the moment it looks like we will likely split the group into two separate clusters and add a class. That means half of you will be in 2 designated classes and the rest in a likely new arrangement. We won’t be offering the classic exercise class anytime soon, Cov-19 is spread by respiratory particles and some of the strenuous exercise routines produce, let’s say exacerbated breathing…This will allow us the temporary luxury of establishing a second set of Balance Classes. The added bonus in splitting is that when we come back inside later in the fall, spacing and size will fit within the state guidelines. Anyway, more details will follow between tomorrow and the next class,TBD as they say. There are no classes on Monday, it’s Labor Day and your friendly local COA friends are all staying home…

You’ll remember that I told everyone that if there was a need for meals assistance following the end of the meals from the School District that a referral to Elder Services for Meals on Wheels would be in order and that  we would be happy to help facilitate that. Here’s a link to their menu for the month of September so anyone who’s interested can see what they’re offering for lunch. You can call us here at Harper or better yet, send questions directly to them at 413.499.0524. Current Month’s Menu (PDF) When you wave your cursor over it, it appears to be saying August, ignore that, it comes up September when you click on it.

September is  National Preparedness Month.  Governor Baker has proclaimed September to be Emergency Preparedness Month in Massachusetts. Here’s a link;

I think we’ve all become experts on being prepared to respond personally to a pandemic. This community came out in force to help those who needed it and I just want us all to once again thank all those people from many different professions and services who came out every day, not knowing where Cov-19 was lurking and while potentially risking all, kept the wheels turning. We may not have been prepared for an invisible adversary, but we all came together and pitched in. Thanks for working every day, thanks for wearing masks and social distancing, thanks for everything!

Finally our friend Amanda at the nbCC has sent me a link to a pretty cool looking webinar on mobility options for older adults, safe walking, biking and transportation issues.

Might be an interesting program, it has been a rather big theme and topic of conversation around here in recent months. Check it out if you’re interested, it’s still a few weeks away . Time to think about it.

That’s it for the week I think, I’m away for a few days so we’ll talk again next week. Have a good weekend and a good holiday too.