Council on Aging Daily Update - Williamstown, MA
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Council on Aging Daily Update

Updates, Wednesday October 7th, 2020

People have asked and the answer is yes, we will be joining hands with our pal Angela and Berkshire Transport to collect coats for distribution again this fall. The key is to quarantine the coats for a day or two before they are delivered to recipients and that won’t be an issue. We keep them in large bags in a closet for a week or so between collections anyway. We’ll be asking you to bring your donation in a bag of one type or another to help in this process. Our goal is to collect 100 coats for distribution to North Berkshire neighbors who are in need.

Having said that, we do not have dates yet for a start, we know the end will be 31. January 2021. More collection details and instructions will follow in a week or two.

Just got a note from our friend Aimee  at Sweetwood-they’re having a pumpkin decorating contest this month, with prizes, for the top three categories Scariest, Most Creative and Funniest. Three winners, one in each category and the prizes look pretty good. Definitely some thought went into these. The winner of the Scariest Pumpkin category wins a set of Beats Headphones Solo 3, the Most Creative winner gets an Apple AirPod and the Funniest Champion walks away with a Mach X Video Drone. Not bad eh?

The contest  is aimed at children 12 and under but they have strongly encouraged elders to go over there with their grandchildren, grab a pumpkin-they have about 30 donated pumpkins-carve them  and send them a picture of it. Here’s the contact 

It’s a real team effort as it were. Judging will take place October 28th. 

Pumpkins will be available on Monday October 12th, Indegenous Peoples Day, from 10:00 -3:00 If you’re unable to go there in person on the 12th,  give them a call and they’ll arrange an alternate date for pick up.

Our coffee and cookie day is still a work in progress. What I can tell you is that it will be by reservation, no more than 10 people attending. You’ll be socially distanced, about 10 feet apart and you’ll need to mask up, unless you’re eating…everything will be sanitized before and after your visit. You’ll be asked the Covid questions and we may take your temperature coming in. We’ll need your name and number for contact tracing, just in case. We do expect you to stay away if you’re feeling ill, that’s not a new request though, it’s pretty standard here right?

There will be no tables set, just chairs and you’ll be served. You’ll need to wear a sweater as the windows will be open for ventilation and you know that we have a lot of windows. But the coffee and tea will be hot and you’ll see your friends safely.

If everyone plays the game under the current rules we’ll likely be OK and can continue to be active regularly. People who won’t play, won’t stay. We didn’t create this mess. We’re trying to work within the parameters.We can do this.

Finally, there will be a Flu Shot Clinic here at the end of October.They have to finish the current cycle and then they’ll be in touch. Then we’ll let you know what’s up and when.. 

See you somewhere!