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Updates, Wednesday March 17th, 2021

Happy Pat’s everyone. Today is the one year anniversary for these  updates and I really didn’t expect them to be around this long!

Ok, let’s lead with some vaccination news. Today Governor Baker is announcing the vaccine eligibility dates for remaining residents and certain worker groups. The Commonwealth’s detailed timeline adheres to the original timeline for the three vaccine eligibility phases announced in December.

Timeline for remaining groups: 

March 22nd : Residents 60+ and certain workers

April 5th : Residents 55+ and residents with one certain medical condition

April 19th: General public ages 16 years of age and older

The administration has received assurances from the federal government that an increased vaccine supply will be available to states soon. Depending on supply, it could take weeks for people to be notified that an appointment is available at a mass vaccination site.

People can pre-register to book an appointment at a mass vaccination site-these are the big locations, Fenway Park, Gillette Stadium, etc, and the closest to us is in Springfield.-here’s a link to the mass registration Appointments will be offered based on eligibility and available appointments nearby.The PreRegistration Site can be accessed here:

As we’ve discussed before, the Berkshire County sites have not been added to the pre registration materials yet. They’ll be coming soon and we’ll be announcing that when it happens. Soon folks, maybe next week?

Berkshire Super Genarians are back to announce the third in a series of talks on healthcare relevant to older adults.  On Tuesday March 23rd at 7:00 PM, noted geriatrician and author, Louise Aronson MD, will offer listeners her wise and experienced perspective on Elderhood presented via Zoom. The program is  free and open to all. Here’s a description of the event;”For decades “old” has been defined as beginning between the ages of 60 and 70. That means most people alive today will spend more years in elderhood than in childhood, and many will be elders for 40 years or more. Yet at the very moment that humans are living longer than ever before, we’ve made old age into a disease, a condition to be dreaded, disparaged, neglected, and denied. This presentation challenges not only the way we look at aging but also the way we think and feel about medicine and what it means to be a human being across the lifespan.

Noted geriatrician Louise Aronson uses stories from her quarter century of caring for patients and draws from history, science, literature, popular culture, and her own life to weave a vision of old age that’s neither nightmare nor utopian fantasy—a vision full ojoy, wonder, frustration, outrage, and hope about aging, medicine, and life itself.

The story of aging is the story of what it means to be human. It’s both a timeless tale and one that’s rapidly changing with advances in science, technology, and society. Aronson tackles this epic topic with the precision of a scientist, the compassion of a clinician, and the eloquence of a literary writer”

 Please note the time and the registration link below  If you have questions, contact OLLI at 413-236-2190 or Berkshire SuperGenarians at

Our friends at the Williamstown Historical Museum have just posted their winter newsletter and it’s full of interesting articles including; An article about the first Williamstown summer theater, which preceded the Williamstown Theater Festival by almost 20 years,an article about the Stockbridge-Munsee Community and Williamstown’s 1965 Bicentennial

Also featured is a preview article about former WHM President and retired Art Historian  Patricia Leach’s upcoming lecture on Williamstown’s meeting houses as well as information about other upcoming lectures such as  like Christine DeLucia’s on the meaning of local place names

Here’s that link; 

I have always found time capsules to be interesting concepts, you know, leave something from the here and now for the future to consider. As a member of the Williamstown 250th Anniversary Committee, I watched as we opened a capsule from many years before and participated in the creation of one to be opened at the 300th anniversary celebration. Currently,there are some Williams College students working on a devised theatre piece called Today and Tomorrow. The goal of this work is to capture the identity of the current time (2021), to be archived in a time capsule and displayed to an audience in twenty years (2041). As part of this project, they’re looking to collect messages from the surrounding community about their opinions on life today and what it may be like in the future. As this project is focused on the Berkshire region and if you’re interested in participating, let us know. We’ll connect you with the student group who are doing this. Looks like an interesting project to be involved with and you can leave your thoughts for the future!



Oh. It looks like they’re extending the tax filing deadline to May 15th…How about that?

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