Council on Aging Daily Update

Updates Friday March 19th,2021

I’m told that Massachusetts will now officially align their tax drop dead day to May 15th to align with the feds. Makes sense right? But of course, we all knew that this would happen didn’t we…

Moving along, Massachusetts continues to recover and move toward a better new abnormal. Effective Monday March 22nd, we’ll be moving into Step1 of Phase 4 which has all sorts of reopenings possible including baseball stadiums, hello Fenway.

Of course there will still be limits to participants and masking but it’s progress of a serious sort. Remember where we were a year ago?

 Another piece of big news is the replacing of travel orders with travel advisories.So…rather than reading me rewriting all of this, here’s an official link;

In other news,our friends at the Williamstown Theatre Festival’s  COMMUNITY WORKS will be  running two “Story Circles” in the coming weeks:  

STORY CIRCLES are  described as sharing experiences and building community in a relaxed, intimate environment: These sessions will be facilitated by guest artists Michael Arden, Eric Berryman, Jen Silverman, and each session will be capped at 18 participants. It’s an opportunity to build community, foster intergenerational connections, and discover how the stories and perspectives we all have to share can spark creativity and theatre-making! The event will be offered on Tuesday, March 23rd from 4:30pm-6:00pm via Zoom  and again Tuesday, April 6th from 4:30-6:00pm via Zoom 

If interested, please use this form to let us know! 

There’s a household hazardous waste collection scheduled for Saturday April 24th from 9:00 to  1:00 at the Adams DPW garage on Summer Street in Adams. Of course registrations will be required and will be accepted from April 5th through the 21st until full. They can be made by calling the NBSWMD at 413.743.8208 or by emailing our friend Linda Cernik at with your name address and telephone number. They’ll confirm your participation within 48 hours of registration. This event has a limited number of slots and the spaces do fill up so think about it.  

What types of materials can you drop off? Here’s a partial list:

Pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, insect sprays, small quantities liquid mercury  products, rodent killers, muriatic acid, used motor oil, flea powder, no-pest strips,  chemical fertilizers, lighter fluid, swimming pool chemicals, rust proofers, wood  preservatives, wood strippers and stains, paint thinners, oil based paint, varnish,  aerosol cans, sealants, adhesives, fiberglass resins, drain cleaners, oven cleaners,  floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, carpet cleaners, metal polish, moth balls, chemistry kits,  antifreeze, old gasoline, kerosene, brake fluid, transmission fluid, engine degreaser,  carburetor cleaner, radiator flusher, roofing tar and non-latex driveway sealer. 

You’ll notice that the list does not include the following;

Empty containers, latex paint, pharmaceuticals, medical waste, 

fireworks, flares, propane tanks, lightbulbs, batteries

 If you don’t see it on the list, check with the NBSWMD, they’re certain to know!

Oh, speaking of these folks, remember that there’s a big shred event scheduled for our transfer station here in Williamstown  from 9-noon on May 8th.More to follow soon.

As for Covid vaccine clinics, sorry, I have nothing to report today. Soon though, we all know that there are more doses coming!

Have a great weekend!


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