Council on Aging Daily Update

Update, Thursday January 21st, 2021

Two questions for which I do not have answers;

First; Yes, there is an AARP Tax Aide program coming however it will not likely be the traditional view. At this moment we’re collecting the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email contact information. Don’t worry if you don’t have email, there are still a few people in this category and they’re receiving the traditional telephone call…Everyone else will receive a packet of information electronically with information regarding documentation, etc. And please note that everyone who wishes to have  their taxes done here must bring their Social Security cards and a photo identification. Everyone. They can’t process your taxes without this.Call us with the requested information above and we’ll get you on the list. Apparently they’ll be starting to meet with people in mid-February. 

Secondly, I do not have any insights on when the vaccine will be ready for wider distribution but President Biden seems to be getting ready to open the floodgates.

In a bit of positive movement, I was asked to look at the elder housing facilities in Williamstown to see if folks were interested in participating in a Covid-19 vaccine clinic when one is held. A simple yes or no. As you might assume, it’s overwhelmingly in favor so far.The simple fact that community information is being gathered on a micro scale for members of the general public is good news right? Progress.. 

Today the Governor announced the lifting of some of the restrictions which were placed on businesses such as restaurants early closure orders and the “stay at home” orders restricting activities between certain time frames daily. Several crucial indicators of Covid presence are declining too. Things are getting better out there, you just have to keep wearing your masks, washing your hands and practicing social distancing for a little while longer, hold on!

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles  is extending Senior Hours at RMV Service Centers through March for customers aged 75 and older. RMV Senior hours are offered on Wednesdays at RMV Service Center locations, including North Adams, by reservation only.

 Beginning in February, the RMV will expand available senior appointments to include registration and title services and transactions in addition to in-person license renewals.

Here’s a link to the RMV website ;

I guess the criminal creeps are still at it.I keep getting emails from somebody pretending to be the Minister of Something overseas who has a gazillion dollars left to me by a relative I never met and didn’t know I had. All I have to do is respond to their email and they’ll make arrangements for me to get the cash. Ah. Were that it was true, but alas, it’s not.I don’t even win on scratch tickets! Other fraudsters are attempting to take advantage of Covid and offer all sorts of bonuses like vaccines and special treatment including chances to make money. Nope. If it’s too good to be true, it’s not.

If you believe that you are the victim  of fraud or other criminal activity related to the pandemic, contact the United States Attorney’s Office at; 

or call 888-221-6023. The Consumer Protection Hotline is also available at (617) 727-8400 to address questions or concerns. They’re still out there.

Tomorrow is Brown Bag day and for those of you who are recipients of the program, we’ll be popping by in the early afternoon. Brown Bag is a monthly offering of shelf stable foods, fruits and veggies from the FoodBank of Western Mass. We’re happy to answer questions, assist with applications.

By the way, if you know somebody who is struggling with food security issues, give us a call here at Harper and we’ll  try to help out.

Finally, yes, we have found someone to take Jackie’s place as our primary van operator. His name is Rick Andrews and while he’s not ready for primetime yet, he’s with us riding around with Jake and Dave learning the job. Some of you might have met him already.As for the van, it’s rolling along  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, we’ll be back to full operations on Thursday when Ricks is ready. We’re still doing medical trips, grocery runs every day. Need a ride? Call us, 413.458.8250.



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