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Updates, Friday January 29th, 2021

Finally some real snow and weather to preserve it for a few days! Time to ski!

Regarding the upcoming free OLLI/BSG event on February 4,   Here is a different address for registration:

Disregard the previous address.

This is a repeat from the other day, the event is tonight…

Until recently, many of us never thought much about what goes into making a vaccine. But now more than ever, it is important to understand the process that makes vaccines quickly and safely available to the public. From the initial research, to testing, to understanding vaccine ingredients and rollouts, this talk will address many of the questions on people’s minds. Lois Banta, a Williams professor and chair of the Biology department will talk about the vaccination process. Professor Banta specializes in Microbiology, Genomics, and Molecular/Cell Biology. She currently teaches courses like Dangerous Exposures: Environment, Immunity, and Infectious Disease at Williams. Her talk will be followed by a short audience Q&A.

This event is free and open to the public. Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Here’ the FaceBook page link:

Apparently, if you’re a veteran there is a hotline for Veterans to call to schedule times to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine. It’s in Leeds  at the Leeds VA Hospital. Here’s the telephone number; 413-582-3110.  Older veterans are being prioritized, but veterans of any age can register to schedule a vaccine.  It’s going to be a drive-through clinic.

For those of you who are currently homebound, or who know someone who is, here’s a bit of news. We have a new partnership with the Milne Library to be able to deliver and return books for our friends who aren’t getting out. The process is simple, call the folks at Milne with your requests, they’ll put it together and let us know. One of our volunteers will fetch, deliver and later retrieve and return. Simple right?

Interested individuals MUST have a library card and you’ll have to talk with the folks at Milne about that and the number is 413-458-5369.

Oh. The Covid clinics. It appears that they are booked at the moment. We’ll let you know when something happens. 


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