Council on Aging January Calendar

January 2022 Calendar Notes 

Our friend Jane will be out at least through the first week of January following her very successful hip surgery. We’re going to play it week by week with her schedule. This calendar reflects her absence the first week of January and we’ll keep everyone posted on the following weeks as we go along. 

January 4th we’ll be here but we always take the time to clean out the debris from the prior year, yes, including the refrigerator, but you can imagine what kind of stuff we accumulate in closets during the year. It’s a good day to recover from the holidays, the COA version of “Boxing Day” 

Bingo returns on the 7th and so will our friend Justin from Williamstown Commons to check everyone’s blood pressure. Should be some interesting numbers after the recent festivities eh? 

Serena’s Foot Care clinic is on Tuesday the 11th, as this is written she has 2 openings left. Her next trip through town is Tuesday February 8th. 

The 14th brings local Social Worker Jill Lebar here at Harper to present an afternoon session on the topic of Hoarding. This has been a topic of concern for members of the community for years and unfortunately there are few resources to contact regarding the subject. Lebar will cover the subject and give us some ideas and resource suggestions to help neighbors who may be hoarding. Of course there will be food first, it’s not on the calendar as we’re still discussing. We’re leaning toward pizza but who knows…? The seminar is free and open to all, reservations will be needed for the food and we’ll let you know what that will be next week. 

We’re working on something for the 18th but the end of December is hard to get anyone to respond to plans, holidays you know so To Be Determined… 

We will do a paste, garlic bread, salad, meatballs, etc luncheon on the 25th at 12:30.and we may be asking you for a wish list for future programs during 2022 that you’d like to see so bring your appetites and thinking caps. 

On Friday the 21st we’ll be doing a belated “Kickoff to 2022”. just for fun during Friday coffee. Maybe it will be more than just coffee… 

On Friday the 28th Elliott Greenblott will be here at 1:00 to talk about Identity Theft. He’s been a presenter twice before on similar topics, always has critically important information and we urge you to save this date. More to follow in future notes!

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