Council on Aging Update

Updates, Friday June 4th, 2021

Wow, it’s June already. Who would have thought that? It came so fast, a month ago everything was budding and now poof! Green all over. I love June, it’s definitely a favorite month!

Remember when we used to do food updates on Mondays? It was a year or so ago when the Terror was out there awaiting everyone and we were all shut down. What a difference now eh?

Anyway, there still are food resources so here’s a new link to a compilation in the Berkshires.

Handy bits and pieces to know and share…

And yes, we will be doing Farmer’s Market coupons this year. I have ordered a normal year’s allotment of coupons. Post-Covid they should be hot items again, and they’ll arrive sometime in July I’m told. We’ll let you know when they get here.

OK, now for Harper reopening news.

We’re hoping for full programming both indoors and outside beginning by the first week of July. As many Harper Citizens know, we have had inside activities with limited access and numbers since late last fall. We’re hoping that all the pieces are in place so we can post them soon. At this moment I can tell you that we have scheduled two “typical” events for Fridays in July, an Ice Cream event with Hope from Fallon Health Care on the 16th and a cookout and music from Accordian Al Bedini on the 23rd.Karyn is also planning for a return of High Tea in August . Speaking of Karyn and returning, she’ll be back to host her Monday exercise class as well but, alas, not until August. As for everything else, we’re going to try and replicate the time frames for the other activities as closely as possible to where they all were in March last year when we closed. We’ve discovered that you can’t just flip a switch and reignite all the programs overnight. Folks are still coming out of the Covid era and we have a Covid era schedule here to move around. We hadn’t planned on actually opening full scale this early, the Governors announcements caught everyone by surprise but whatever, right? It was a pleasant surprise!

Do any of the Bingo players want a game or two on Friday June 18th?

Before we open formally we’ll be issuing a statement about masks. The Governor has cleared the way for fully vaccinated people to go without. There are others who can’t for one reason or another. We’ll have some words of guidance next week.

Right now, FYI, our schedule is;

Balance Class, Monday, Wednesday at 11:00 and Thursday at 11:30. Jane and I have had conversations about her exercise class restarting soon.

Yoga chair class is live via Zoom on Monday and Wednesday, traditional yoga is live outside on the grass here on Friday morning at 9:00.Contact us here at Harper, 413-458-8250 for Zoom information.

Tai Chi meets on Monday and Thursday at 9:30 either outside or inside depending upon weather. Monday’s class is a beginner group, Thursday is more advanced practitioners.

Painting Class is Tuesday at 9:30

Bridge players meet on Wednesday afternoon at 12:30

The coloring group meets Friday at 12:30

Serena Merrill, our Foot Care provider is in the building on the third Tuesday monthly.

The rest of the programs will fall into line soon. More to follow..

Wednesdays, June 9 – August 11, 10:30a.m.-noon, at UNO Park, 171 River St., North Adams. An opportunity to learn basic Spanish at no cost. Participants will come away with a basic understanding of Spanish and the tools to learn more. To register, contact or 413-663-7588.

A couple reminders; We’re hoping to have a fall craft event in October so if you’re a Williamstown artist, crafter, any type of artisan and are interested in participating, let us know; or Sheila Velazquez at

We’ve drawn interest from a couple folks so far but there is room for more. We’re looking at the event being held in October with a planning meeting before then.

If you’re interested in board games, chess, backgammon, cribbage, etc, let us know. There is interest in forming a group to play.

Finally there’s a bulky and electronics waste collection happening in Adams on Saturday, June 19th from 8:00 a.m. to noon.The collection site is the former landfill on East Road, you know where the photovoltaic array is located? There is a charge for bulky items, more information and a list of acceptable items can be found on their website;  or you can call Linda Cernik, Director at 413-743-8208.

Good Weekend all!


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