Council on Aging Update

Rainy day update, Sunday August 22, 2021 

I guess everyone knows that we’re likely to get a very large rainfall between today and , well, hopefully it will end tomorrow. Better yet that it misses us entirely but it’s doubtful that there’s much of a chance for that to happen. 

Anyway, thanks to Henri, hurricane, tropical storm or whatever it’s labelled right now, we could be in for very heavy rain and be at risk for flash flooding. So do us all a favor and stay home! Don’t venture out into this mess but if you have to, avoid flooded areas, and don’t drive under an underpass. There are a couple off Massachusetts Ave in North Adams if you’re heading that way. If you are out and should encounter flooding, call 911 and someone will come to your assistance 

If you haven’t charged your cell phones and other devices, do it now. We can’t predict if there will be power outages or if there are for how long they will last. Make sure that you know where your flashlights are. 

If you lose power,keep your refrigerator and freezer closed for as long as possible to keep the temperature cold. 

If you have medical equipment which is dependent upon power to operate and there is a power failure, call 911. Williamstown PD are trained to respond to emergencies, they have oxygen in their cruisers and they can get to you quickly. An ambulance from Northern Berkshire EMS could also be dispatched to you, we all know what ambulances are capable of. Williamstown Fire Department personnel are equally trained to respond to all sorts of emergencies and they will come to your aid in a 911 call too. 

If you have a power outage to report, trees down on power lines, you can call 911 and report it or you can also contact National Grid at 1-800-465-1212. 

If you suspect that something has caused a gas leak, Berkshire Gas can be found at 800-292-5012, or, once again, you could call 911. 

So let’s recap. If it’s an emergency or requires urgent attention, or you think it’s an emergency and requires attention, call 911. They’ll sort it out for you. 

For non-emergency calls and questions, the Williamstown Police Department can be reached at 413-458-5733.

The Williamstown Fire Department can be reached at 413-458-8113. These latter two numbers are good to know in any case. 

So, stay inside, stay dry and we’ll talk again soon. 


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Council on Aging Update

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