Council on Aging Update

Update and notes, Monday August 23, 2021

Isn’t it coincidental that our latest extraordinary, potentially disruptive natural event is a tropical storm almost on the anniversary of Hurricane Irene? In your wildest imagination, would you have even conceived that this would be happening here at this time?

I wouldn’t have, but here we are again. The Spruces are lost to us but there are many other targets Mother Nature can lash out at. Let us all hope that this storm does indeed pass us without significant damage!

Ten years after the tragedy in Williamstown, we will gather to commemorate the loss of the Spruces neighborhood in the wake of flooding from Irene on the grounds of the Spruces itself. On Saturday August 28th at 4:00 pm there will be a commemoration event to remember the Spruces and our friends and neighbors who were displaced following the storm. A sign remembering the event is being installed and several speakers will reflect on the events of that day in 2011 and there will be time and opportunity for others to share their thoughts and recollections of the events that transpired a decade ago if they wish.

All are welcome to attend. We would suggest that attendees consider bringing their own chairs to sit upon as needed as there are none available at the site.

In the event of rain, the rain day will be the following day, Sunday August 29th also at 4:00 pm.

The Aging Mastery Program.  AMP for short, is an award winning program which encourages participants to make small changes to improve their health and live better lives.  Small changes make a big impact. How about something small like cutting back on certain foods, fats and salt or taking a walk for a few minutes once a day. The cumulative effect can be outstanding. AMP encourages small steps to bigger effect. 

The program features  different speakers each week and will provide information and tips so participants can get started mastering the Art of Aging! 

The Aging Mastery Program is recruiting 15 adults(age 55+) to participate in this FREE, fun, and educational 10-week program. Yup, ten weeks. It’s a commitment you make to yourself. We’ll have conversations about healthy eating, legal issues, money management, easy but impactful exercises and more. A delicious healthy snack will be served weekly. Classes are all on Tuesdays from 1-2:30 pm the program will run from Sept. 7-Nov. 16, no class 11/9 as it’s a holiday.  The program will be held here at the Harper Center and you can call us at 413-458-8250 to reserve a spot or for further information.  Jennifer Munoz is returning as our AMP coordinator, she’s been doing this for many years and is a wonderful facilitator for this program. If you think this all sounds familiar, you’re correct. We’ve successfully offered AMP here at Harper in the past but not recently.  A break from routine, even if it’s covid related can be good right?

Veterans Agent Stephen Roy will be here at Harper on Friday, August 27th to discuss veterans benefits and what’s new for Vets and their families to know about. It seems like everytime he comes here, he finds someone who qualifies for some kind of VA assistance that they didn’t have before. He’s a good presenter and a knowledgeable guy who can really be of assistance. So, if you’re a veteran, a spouse or child of one, or perhaps just a friend and are curious about what’s out there, stop by. Stephen will speak at 1:00 and all are welcome to attend. There will be burgers, hot dogs, beef and vegetarian selections available for lunch (are hot dogs really beef??) at 12:30. Let us know if you’re coming for lunch, 413-458-8250.

Finally, in case you wondered, we have nothing to report on the subject of Covid vaccine booster shots. We’ll certainly let you know if we hear anything. There are 4 reported Covid cases in Williamstown as of today, down 2 from last week. Trending in the right direction eh?

Stay dry!


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