Council on Aging Update

News and Notes, Friday October 1st, 2021.

Yup, it’s October already!

OK, all you Tai Chi practitioners, Youlin is away October 18th-November 5th. Technically there will be no formal instruction during this time however you are welcome to come in and practice your art independently. We will keep the space reserved.

So .. for all of you younger elders out there (Massachusetts says that you are officially an elder at 60)  just turning 65 soon..

Our friends at Elder Services are offering a Medicare Virtual Seminar on October 6th at 12pm and October 19th at 5:30pm

 The seminar will provide the necessary information for those turning 65 to prepare for Medicare and select the appropriate coverage for their individual situation.

 Presentation will include topics such as the Basics of Medicare, Deadlines, who is covered, Original Medicare, Medicare Supplements (Medigap) Prescription Drug Coverage and more. I could keep listing the topic coverage but you got the picture.

Interested? Go to the Elder Services website at, “Events and Important Information” link to sign up for one of these Zoom presentations. 

Continuing in the Medicare line, Elliott Greenblott will be here at Harper on Friday October 8th at 1:00 to present on the topic of Medicare scams. The title of his talk will be “Medicare Fraud:It’s enough to make you sick”.  Annually $65 Billion is lost to Medicare fraud that could be applied to all sorts of things but won’t because the creeps have stolen it. He’ll talk about how the fraudsters steal resources from health care and your pocket as well.

Elliott, you all remember, was here at the end of August talking about computer scams.Elliott has lots of experience combating fraudsters in all arenas and his knowledge of the topic is extraordinary. He authors a bi-weekly fraud education column appearing regularly in the Berkshire Eagle. Look for it!

 He’s going to be joined by District Attorney Andrea Harrington and members of her staff as well as Cindy Shogry-Raimer from Greylock Federal Credit Union. This will be a great seminar folks so let us know if you’re coming. And yes, there will be Pizza first. The conversation with Elliott and friends is open to all but we will need a reservation for pizza by Thursday October 7th.

At 11:30 on Thursday the 14th, HT Chen and Dancers will be outside on the grounds at the Harper Center offering  a short dance presentation, an excerpt from Hidden Voices, a work addressing Chinese American history. The piece was commissioned originally in 1994 by the Berkshire Community Cultural Commission and was based upon an 1870 North Adams shoe factory strike. Led by choreographer H.T. Chen, this multicultural company has received critical acclaim throughout the US.It’s open air dance folks, all performers and supporting staff are fully vaccinated and will be masked. Join us!

One more thing for this week.  Go to; to find a location locally to get your booster. And-remember to register for the regular old seasonal flu shot as well.There’s a big community clinic at Mount Greylock next Friday, October 8th and another one here at Harper on Tuesday the 19th. To register for either, go to and sign up.

Happy weekend to all!


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