Council on Aging Update

News and Notes Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

I wonder how many rainy days we’ve had in the last 3 months…

We talked last Friday about the program here at Harper on Friday featuring Elliott Greenblott and also presenting  Cindy Shogry-Hayer from Greylock Federal Credit Union talking with us about Medicare Fraud. I’m still stunned by the 68 Billion dollar cost figure for scammers haul from their nefarious activity. A real “WOW” moment. They will be joined by District Attorney Andrea Harrington and a few of her colleagues as well. That’s Friday at 1:00.

Before then we’ll once again be offering pizza at 12:30, cheese or sausage courtesy of the Greylock Federal Credit Union. Thanks, friends. Let us know ahead of time if you want pizza, let’s say by noon on Thursday OK?!

We hope to see you Friday

We’ve been speaking with a local craft enthusiast who knits and is wondering whether there is any interest in forming a knitting group. We once had a rather lively group of knitters here, they were meeting on Thursday afternoons when I first started here but time passed and the group faded away. We’d be happy to host another group so let us know here at Harper if you’re interested, 413-458-8250.

Moving along, an event not appearing on the October calendar in the print version but appearing, I think, on the electronic version is an FTF-French Toast Friday at 8:30 on Friday October 22. Yes, there will be coffee. On this particular occasion, Sarah has arranged for Jessica Walden from Berkshire Orthopedics to come in for breakfast and talk with us about osteo maintenance and good bone health.

Rick has several local trips with the van planned for the month, the next is scheduled for Thursday the 7th at 11:00 and he’s taking folks to the candy and toy store in the Norad Mill on Roberts Drive in North Adams.Let him know if you’re interested in joining the fun.

Finally, our Foot Care Nurse Serena Merrill has just had an opening so there is one spot open for noon on Tuesday October 12th here at Harper. Let us know if you need to see her and we’ll pop you into the schedule, 413-458-8250.

Have a great evening,


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