Council on Aging Update

Notes for Friday July 15, 2022

The MS Foundation is sponsoring a Walk on Saturday morning, August 13, 2022 at Noel Field Track around the children’s Playground in North Adams, MA.  All money donated will be given to the National MS Society to further research to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

REAL ID compliance begins May 3, 2023, which means that a REAL ID compliant driver’s license or identification card, or a valid and unexpired Passport, will be required to fly domestically and to enter secure federal buildings, such as federal courthouses and certain Social Security offices. We’re working on bringing someone from the registry in to talk with us about this and answer questions you might have about it. In the meanwhile, you can always do some personal research on the RMV website at

This message is from the it’s-summer-and-the-wild-things are out department;  there  is a bear warning at Margaret Lindley Park. Apparently Yogi and his friends are visiting on a fairly consistent basis looking for picnic baskets. The report is that a couple of bears are getting very comfortable visiting the park while people are there. They’ve  provided the Park Ranger with air horns and bear repellant to try and deter them.  They talked to Massachusetts Wildlife Management and so far they are not too concerned. We are doing the right thing at this point by just trying to deter and scare. The  Park Ranger will  inform the visitors of the situation and to ask them to not leave any food or throw any leftover food into the woods. So the old maxim is true here; Please don’t feed the bears!  So…if you’re going to Margaret Lindley be aware-you may have a bear sniffing around.

Here’s a reminder that things will get a tad bit cooler next Monday as Sarah and Alberta host a “Winter in July” gathering.  What’s this all about?  Skate on over around 1:00 to find out!

Caregiver Homes will be here on Tuesday July 19th at 1:00 to discuss their services and eligibility for the program. These folks support individuals providing care to another person who lives in their home with them. Hence their title: Caregiver Homes.

Nachos at 12:30 with or without Jalapenos! Let us know if you plan to come.

Tomorrow, 11:00 to 4:00 is Community Day at the Clark Art Institute! Take advantage of free admission to all the galleries! Enjoy free art-making, entertainment, and more. There’s a new exhibit opening, actually  admission to all of their galleries and special exhibitions is free tomorrow. There will be plenty of family friendly activities as well. Check it out!

 Snacks, select activities, and refreshments are available for purchase.  This opportunity will be held rain or shine. Check it out!

The Farmer’s Market in Williamstown will have the ability to process SNAP benefits beginning July 23rd. Shoppers can simply stop at the Market booth and exchange points for the value of their choosing.They are also applying for the ability to double SNAP benefits but haven’t been approved for this yet.

And…no, I do not know yet when the Farmers Market coupons for this year will be issued. August is what I’m hearing, so far at least.

This afternoon a small but enthusiastic group of us got together here at Harper and played chair volleyball. We had a blast! Seriously, it was fun! We’re going to schedule it again in August, you really should pop in for this, it was lots of motion…especially when we had to chase the ball down. Ah well, we’re not volleyball pros but it was a really good time!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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