Vaccination Update

Update, Monday May 3rd, 2021

Alright, someday I will learn to take a day or two off and not check my office email. Everytime I do I discover that there is something I should do before I carry on with the day, or in this cse, the afternoon. When I tuned in I discovered that there are Covid vaccination appointments available, live at this moment, at They are looking at 350 second dose Pfizer shots and 700 first dose Pfizer shots. Then, in a grand experiment, they’re offering 300 same day walk-in appointments.

You read that right, same day walk in appointments.

The idea is to try and reach more people which is the goal of this entire thing isn’t it? If you opt in to the “day of” experiment, you’ll still have to be registered when you show up. The same questions you have to answer online you’ll just answer in person. I can’t tell you what or if there will be lines for the “day of”program, if it were me I’d be on line now to ensure that I can skip the quiz at the door. But that’s up to you. Regardless of choice, you want to get that vaccination and help get us all safely back to normal, right?

Oh, yeah, you want to know what day and where the clinic is right? So…it’s this coming Thursday, May 6th from 12:00 to 5:00 at St Elizabeth of Hungary Parish in North Adams.  

As always, good luck!


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