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All Board and Committee members must review State Ethics Guidelines and provide a certificate of completion from the State Ethics Test.

Elected Positions

Select Board

The Select Board monitors the activities of the municipal government and Town Manager. It reviews and approves warrant articles for Town Meetings. The Select Board also performs a variety of statutory functions related to water, sewer, alcoholic beverage licenses, fuel storage permits, cemeteries, parks, and roads.

Jane Patton
Randal Fippinger
Jeff Johnson

Stephanie Boyd
Andrew Hogeland

Library Board of Trustees

The Library Trustees oversee the activities and operations of the Milne Public Library.

Robin Lenz

Katy Evans

Bridget Spann

Anna Halpin-Healy

Timothy Cherubini

Micah Manary

Alexander Carlisle


The Town Moderator chairs Annual and Special Town Meetings. The Moderator also appoints members to the Finance Committee.

Elisabeth Goodman

Housing Authority

The Williamstown Housing Authority is responsible for providing fair and safe housing to eligible families and individuals regardless of age considerations in accordance with Massachusetts Chapter 667 Public Housing guidelines.

Judy Bombardier
Steve Dew

Andi Bryant

John Kalapos
Adrian Trabakino

Planning Board

The Planning Board is responsible for overseeing the long term land use patterns of Williamstown through the Zoning Bylaw, Subdivision Rules, and Comprehensive Planning process. The Board meets the 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 7 PM. All members of the public are welcome to join the Board’s discussions on the development patterns in our community. For the Board’s current activities click HERE.


Peter Beck
Cory Campbell
Ken Kuttner
Roger Lawrence
Ben Greenfield
Paul Harsch, Alternate

Greylock Regional School District

Steven Miller
Julia Bowen
Curtis Elfenbein
Ursula Maloy

Christina Conry
Carrie Greene
Jose Constantine

Northern Berkshire Vocational Regional School District

David Westall

Laila Boucher



Finance Committee

The Finance Committee considers the relative need, impact, timing, of town expenditures and the effect each will have on the financial position of the Town. It reviews the annual budget prepared by the Town Manager and recommends a final budget for approval at the Annual Town Meeting. For the Committee’s current activities, CLICK HERE

Melissa Cragg, Chair
Elaine Neeley
Fred Puddester

Molly Magavern
Rachel Tarses
Michael Sussman

Charles Fox
Paula Consolini
Suzanne Stinson

Select Board Appointments

Affordable Housing Trust

Kayla Servin
Cheryl Shanks            

Robin Malloy
Ruth Harrison

Andy Hogeland
Thomas Sheldon
Daniel Gura

Mobile Home Rent Control Board

David Levine        2027

Cheryl Shanks      2026

Susan Puddester  2025


Agricultural Commission

Darryl Lapinski
William Galusha
Sarah Gardner

Brian Cole
Averill Cook

Municipal Scholarship Committee



Kris Kirby

Linda Brown

Justine Beringer


Anne Singleton
Anne Hogeland

Tim Cherubini

Registrars of Voters

Nicole Beverly (D)
Parvin Hajizadeh (D)

Kurt Gabel (R)
Robert Jones (R)

Community Preservation Committee

For the Committee’s current activities click HERE

Philip McKnight
Nate Budington
Benjamin Greenfield
Jane Patton

Charles Fox
Joseph Finnegan
Steve Dew
Alison Bost

Diversity, Inclusion and Racial Equity Committee

For the Committee’s current activities click HERE

Andrew Art

Shana Dixon

Ashley Shan

Randal Fippinger
Noah Smalls

Justine Beringer

Northern Berkshire Cultural Council

Cecilia Hirsch
Michael Eagle


Andrew Bernardy

Fence Viewers

Berkshire Regional Transit Authority

Brian O’Grady

Zoning Board of Appeals

For the Board’s current activities click HERE.

Keith Davis
Vince Pesce
Amy Jeschawitz
David Levine

Eunice Marigliano
Vacant Alternate
Vacant Alternate

Hoosac Water Quality District

Hugh Daley      2025

Russell Howard  2025


Current activity and information can be found HERE.

Nancy Nylen

Town Manager Appointments

1753 House Committee

Hank Art 2026
vacancy 2026
Lauren Stevens 2024

vacancy  2025

David Loomis 2024
Andrus Burr 2024

Keith Davis 2024

Conservation Commission

Hank Art 2024
Lauren Stevens 2026
Philip McKnight 2026

Cory Campbell 2026
Tim Carr 2024

Barbara Robertson 2025

Andrew Galusha 2024


Chris Lamarre
David Westall
Thomas Elder

Berkshire Regional Planning Commission Alternate

Roger Bolton

Roger Lawrence


Emergency Management

Michael Ziemba

Animal Control Officers

Michael Ziemba
David Jennings

Council on Aging

Susan Puddester 2026
Martin Greenstein 2026
Laurie Bank 2026
Rose Oliver 2026

Geoffrey King 2025

Mary Jo Greene 2024
Edward Sedarbaum 2024
Elaine Keyes 2024
Karen Kelly 2025


Board of Health

Erwin Steubner, MD 2026
Sandra Goodbody  2026
James Parkinson, MD 2024

Devan Bartels 2024
Ronald Stant 2025


Historical Commission

Nate Budington  2026
Dustin Griffin      2025

Patricia Leach  2024
Andrus Burr     2024

Gabriel Perez   2026