Established in 1966, the Williamstown Council on Aging has been providing quality service to the community for over 50 years. Our mission is to provide advocacy, outreach, and responsive programming to maintain and improve the well-bring of Williamstown’s senior population. We offer diverse, inclusive programs that promote dignity, encourage activity, and community involvement.

Programs and Services:

Looking for a ride?  Call your local COA at 413-458-8250 or contact the Berkshire Regional Transit Authority at 413-499-2782 or online at

For medical transportation, call 413-664-6680.

helpful links:

For Home Care services, contact Elder Services of Berkshire County at 413-499-0524 or online at

Berkshire Housing Services: 413-499-1630 or online at

Williamstown Housing Authority: 413-458-8282 or online at

Massachusetts Councils on Aging (MCOA) is a great site for information!  Visit


To report abuse of a person aged 60 or older, call 800-922-2275 or online at or contact LifePath of Massachusetts at 800-732-2275 or online at

To report abuse of a disabled person under 60, call the Disabled Persons Protection Commission at 800-426-9009.

To report abuse of an individual residing in a nursing home, contact the MA Department of Public Health at 800-462-5540.

Contact Information

Williamstown Council on Aging
The Harper Center
118 Church Street
Williamstown, MA 01267

Update, Friday May 29th, 2020

Friday May 29th. Where did the month go?

I have noticed a very significant uptick in the number of spam emails from people pretending to be lawyers, relatives, government ministers from third world countries and elsewhere telling me that I have been left millions of dollars and they “need” to get it to me somehow. Seems as though all I have to do is give them my bank account numbers so they can transfer the funds to me and I live the life of…a billionaire maybe? It’s all really old school stuff, trickery from 10 years ago from a collection of idiots attempting to sucker me into playing along. Right. But-if they can reach me with my super firewall,  scam alert and security program, they can reach other folks too. They’re out there! If it’s too good to be true, it likely is. Don’t fall for it, toss those free money emails in the trash and delete. They’re thinking that we’re running scared because of the pandemic. 

The Williamstown Historical Museum is now in week 5 of their spring scavenger hunt. It might be a little bit harder for you to find than the prior sites were. This one is located at the site of the Town’s First Meeting House.Back in the day, as they say, a town couldn’t incorporate as a town until there was a meetinghouse and a “settled pastor” so this is a pretty important site in Williamstown. You can read all about it at 

After you’ve read it, go see the site for yourselves. Take a walk!

Just because we have this COVID pandemic  going on out there doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate the 4th of July. Of course, it’s not going to be the same this year, I don’t get to pull the Community Chest in the parade and my Granddaughter, who  is now old enough to enjoy the parade as a participant will have to wait to march. Anyway, Sue at the Chamber of Commerce has designed a very brief survey asking Townies how we’d like to celebrate in a public but separate  way.  Check it out  and make yourself heard!  You can find the link here;

Williamstown Chamber Fourth of July survey Google Form Survey 

For our friends who have been participants in the AARP Tax Aide program, I have some news. AARP Regional Director John Woods made a guest appearance in my weekly informational call with MCOA, he told us to assure everyone that if your a filer who owes nothing in taxes, you need not worry about the July date for filing. He doesn’t think that the IRS will really worry about you  and there will be no penalties.. Those of you who are in a different position will be prioritized when they’re back on line. This will likely be sooner rather than later, they have discussed this on the national AARP level and for them, Massachusetts is one state which looks like it will be OK to reopen. People who had appointments and were cancelled when the pandemic hit, we have your number, we’ll let you know when we hear anything. 

The annual Hoosac Harvest seedling swap will be held from 10:00 to 1:00 this Saturday, May 30, 2020, that’s tomorrow folks, in the main parking lot at Mass MoCA, you can’t miss them.You’re asked to wear a mask or face covering and practice social distancing.  You can bring some of your own seedlings to swap, or come without and choose some to bring home for your own garden space. All of the seedlings you’ll find at the event  are free and you don’t need to bring anything to swap.

For those of you who are familiar with the event you’ll remember that it’s a good idea to bring your own tray to collect your new seedlings for transporting home. They will have a few small pots available for use if needed. They’ll also have disposable single use gloves available for those who are interested. Donations to Hoosac Harvest are encouraged.

Community Legal Aid is a Pittsfield based organization  a free civil legal aid provider, one of whose specialties is to help families and individuals trying to access public benefits including unemployment assist.They have initiated a new Unemployment Project to help people apply for benefits. They’re able to assist folks with language barriers and those who have technology issues… They can also step in and help if you’re having problems getting an unemployment claim approved.  Call 855-CLA-LEGAL or for information or assistance.

Good weekend all!

Brian O’Grady